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Prices to suit every budget

Our consultations are an opportunity for you to get a custom written estimate. Every wedding bid is specific to the details of the wedding, and we are happy to work with any budget, big or small. Below is a list of average cost figures and price ranges, but please keep in mind that these are only averages and may not apply to your specific needs. Come in and meet with us for a complimentary consultation, and let us develop an esti- mate perfect for your beautiful wedding.
Item Price Range Average Price
Bridal Bouquet $75-$500 $175
Bridal Flower Crown $30-$100 $60
Toss $20-$60 $25
Maids $25-$125 $60
Corsages $15-$50 $25
Bouts $8-$20 $10
Flower Girl Pomander $30-$80 $50
Flower Crowns $25-$100 $45
Altar Arrangements $100-$500 $250
Aisle Petals $80-$300 $180
Arch/Pergola Flowers $100-$3000 $800
Aisle Decor $25-$200 $45
Small Centerpieces $10-$100 $45
Large Centerpieces $75-$150 $90
Tall Centerpieces $80-$1200 $150
Cake Flowers $25-$250 $75
Delivery/Set Up $50-$800 $150
Tear Down $75-$300 $120
We have a large selection of rental items to help make your wedding day even more special, including centerpiece vases, lanterns, arches, large ceremony vases, shepard hooks, manzanita trees, and much more.